Scott King has represented my companies and myself for the past six years. He is the constant professional who knows his stuff. I feel confident anytime I need legal advice or need Scott in my corner in the courtroom. I highly recommend him to anyone that appreciates a tough competent attorney that can handle anything from a traffic ticket to major company litigation. Mr. King represented me during a tough fight with my former business partners that lasted over a year. In the end, I was very satisfied with the outcome and feel that Mr. King had my back the whole time. His lines of communications were excellent, yet I didn’t feel like he took advantage of me with the typical lawyer stopwatch.

Mr. King took on a case to help me retain custody of my granddaughter. His fees were reasonable and he worked hard on this case. I really appreciate all the effort he and his staff put into bringing her back to Atlanta.
-Former Client

I was in deep trouble in Gwinnett county. My ex girlfriend was upset that we had broken up she made false statements to police to have me thrown in jail. She did not do it once… She did not do it twice.. She did it three times. A matter a fact I went to jail 4 times!! 1 misdemeanor battery, one felony battery, two aggravated stalking charges and one influencing a witness. 4 Felonies and 1 misdemeanor. The DA had revoked my third bond and the 4th time I was in jail was to stay til trial. I was looking at about 6 months just to wait for trial and then facing a conviction of 20 plus years. I was completely innocent and even with the evidence for me, the DA still wanted to convict me. But Scott King saved my life. He never stopped working and is completely into the case. Spending hours on hours interviewing and getting ready for court. He knows how to talk to the courts. Yesterday morning I was still in jail scared of my road ahead. But a video was gotten. The DA reviewed the video. The video that proves my ex lied and when the DA called her in and showed her the video…. She confessed. The DA instantly dropped the last 3 charges from my last arrest. The DA told Scott that they still wanted to go forward with the first 2 charges.. But Scott convinced them that her credibility was shot. The DA was forced to drop ALL charges. And a day right before Thanksgiving. Thank you Scott King. I know who my Attorney is. I hope I don’t have to use you again but if the time comes you are first on call. Believe me… Trust this Attorney.
-Former Client

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