You Run Your Business Let Us Handle The Disputes

At the heart and soul of SK Law Group is our commercial litigation department. Our lawyers have over sixty years of courtroom experience in nearly every type of commercial dispute, from partnership dissolutions, contract disputes, construction suits to contests over non-compete agreements and other employment related issues. We have handled cases in Federal Court and throughout many of the Superior and State Courts throughout Georgia. As a result, we are better able to advise our clients as to strategies before they spend thousands of dollars going down the wrong path.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each year, because businesses did not have a knowledgeable attorney to help guide their company through the pitfalls that complicated litigation typically involves. We know the unique challenges for small to medium to large businesses facing litigation. We are here to help you navigate what is usually an unknown and scary process. If you are facing a difficult lawsuit, having a knowledgeable and experienced firm like the SK Law Group is exactly what you need.

Let us help you handle the many legal issues every business owner faces so that you can devote you time to conducting and managing your day-to-day business affairs.